A long day in the life of a Championship South rugby player

So, it has been a while since we posted. We had played three matches so far summarised as follows:

Thurrock v Blackheath – Our first game of the season against the defending champions – our first game in Championship South 1. We played ok, patches of brilliance and patches of switching off and forgetting where we were. All in all not a bad start to the league. It should be noted, Thurrock had a massive crowd out which was wonderful to see a club really getting behind their women’s section. Final Score 39-17.

Trojans v Blackheath – Match number two. The first ten minutes were very positive but the rest was pretty awful viewing. We didn’t quite click together and what should have been an easy win turned into a difficult meal to keep down. Final score 31-7. This made the next two games crucial.

Blackheath v Bath – Our third game and finally a home game. A much more competitive match with both teams scoring and very even until the final minutes where Bath convert their chances winning 22-29. We pick up a few injuries. Match four will be a game changer.

Sunday 8th October – Plymouth Albion v Blackheath

0445 – Wake up to the alarm. Its way too early. Why do I play rugby? Grab clothes (can only manage tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie). Fortunately I have been prepared and packed kit bag last night.

0515 – On the road. No traffic. Hurrah. Could have had ten minutes extra sleep.

0600 – No sign of the coach

0603 – No sign of Melissa. A quick phone call reveals she is nearby. Still no coach.

0610 – The coach has gone to the wrong postcode which is just around the corner. Consider crying.

0615 – The coach has been found. Boarding. Final call.

0620 – Coach driver announces he is only allowed to follow the sat nav which does not appear to favour fast roads.

0630 –  Snooze

0830 – Wake up with that feeling you get when you are sleeping in a tent and you wake up and the sun is blazing and you feel like you are about to pass out if you don’t get out quickly except I can’t get out. The heating appears to be on full blast. It is a really sunny day.

0850 – Someone jokes that they can see Stonehenge. I look out of the window and realise that we are actually passing Stonehenge.

0910 – Stop at Services for refreshments/driver’s mandatory break. Coffee and food. Bliss and a good chance for some team bonding. Beebs has brought M&S Calamari and a small jar of coriander which she has used to jazz up her Starbucks breakfast. Slightly jealous, I can’t lie.

1230 – a couple of turns down some cul de sacs and we are at Plymouth Albion RFC Stadium. It’s quite a grand place with some great pitch acoustics. The coach driver states he is off to watch the Grand Prix. Don’t want to mention that it has already finished.

1235 – time for taping of injuries and leisurely changing into kit.

1330 – Warm up. It goes really well. Everyone is switched on and raring to go. No nerves.

1430 – Kick Off.

[If you want a full match report, check out our Facebook Page as our correspondent Ais kept everyone updated]

1615 – It’s all over. We played well. Lots of things to work on but it is our first win and a convincing one at that, especially after such a long journey. What a relief. Score 5-33. We learn that our Mighty Twos have also won 41-10. Photo.


1645 – We are told we have no time at all to get on the coach, throw clothes on, wolf down the delicious match tea and run for the coach.

Longest coach journey ever which involves going via Swindon. Alternate snoozing/being boiling and freezing to death. More Services.

2350 – Arrive back at Rectory Field. So tired. Can’t wait to get to bed.

0010 – Arrive home on a school night too….. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Look out for the Might Twos match report. To be posted soon.




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